Wildeyebrow Design

Content Managed Sites


A content managed site, or dynamic site is data base driven. This means each page is created in real time and use scripting code like PHP of ASP. The web maintainer usually has a built in interface to add content to the site. This type of site is best for larger sites, members only sites and shopping carts.


The Content Management System we use is Content King

which is by a New Zealand based company Jet iT.


Content King is more than just a CMS, its a full business solution.

Its features include.

Dynamic content, which can be time delayed

Email management

E News letters

SEO maximization

Advertising Management

Hosting Static Sites


A Static website is a site which has fixed content, which can only be changed manually. Each page is coded in HTML and displays the same information to every visitor. This is best for small websites which need little updating.


When it comes to hosting our static web sites we use
Big Wet Fish. We have found that they are the best value for money out there plus have a very personal service.

If you wish to use another host do so, but we can not guarantee the service of other providers.


We always register the site and domain in your name, and give you the control over domain and hosting renewals, but we will act as a mediator if you have any issues with hosting.