Wildeyebrow Design

Full Business Solution


For those who need a complete business solution, including E-commerce and email marketing management we offer 

the Content Management System  Content King

which is by a New Zealand based company Jet iT.


Content King is more than just a CMS, its a full business solution.


Its features include.

Dynamic content, with scheduled publishing.

Email management

E News letters designs

SEO maximization

Advertising Management

E-commerce solutions

Hosting and Content Management.


All the sites we design come with a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS you get will depend on your particular requirements.

 Our Standard Package. Price: £10 per mth or £100 per year.



Live Editor

Select a content region visually and see your changes appear on the page before you publish. The Live Editor makes it easier than ever for you to update your own content.


Scheduled Publishing

Publish your changes automatically at a certain time. Scheduled publishing is perfect for those early morning updates where you’d much rather sleep in. Just set and forget it—we’ll do the rest.


Drafts & Revisions

Need to save something and work on it later? No problem. Just save it as a draft and it will be waiting for you when you get back. You can also recall every revision to a page for up to six months.


Easy File Uploading

Just drag & drop files to upload them. You can even upload multiple files at once. In the end, everything gets stored on your server where it belongs. (Some features require a supported browser.)


Page Properties

You have access to edit the page title, description, and keywords to enhance SEO. You can even see a preview of what the page will look like in most search engines.


Try For your Self (with some functions disabled)


Login: cms_demo@wildeyebrowdesign.co.uk   psw: AdminDemo453


Package Upgrades

£5per mth or £50per year per upgrade


Page Templates

You can create new pages using pre designed templates. Then add them to your navigation menus.