Wildeyebroew Design

Web training


We also offer web maintenance training. This is for the customer who either wants to update their site themselves or use somebody in house and have little or no experience.


The cost will depend on a number of factors.

1. Software you wish to use to update your site.

2. The amount of time needed to train you or your staff which will depend on previous knowledge and experience.

3. The number of staff needed to be trained.


In the case of CMS sites basic training in operating the site is included with the monthly support costs.


for a guide a basic web course starts at £100. This would be a two hour One to One training session. Ideal if you are computer literate and just need to be shown the basics.


Software would not be including but I can advise you on suitable software, both commercial and open source.

Web Maintenance + Support


We offer a number of different web maintenance options depending on the type of site you have and your personal requirements


The cost will depend on a number of different factors.

1. The frequency of updates you need

2. The amount of updates you need

3. The type of Site - Static or Dynamic CMS.

4. Social network integration (and you wish us to update that for you too)


As a Guide monthly costs start from £25* for occasional updates but can be £300 a month for daily updates (30 minutes a day).


In the case of static sites you can decide to maintain the site yourself. This means no monthly charge but if you need us to do any work on the site I then charge you an hourly rate.




*The support and maintenance cost dosn't including hosting.